The pelzGROUP attaches great importance to the protection of rights, fairness and trust. We take your concerns seriously and offer you, our employees, customers, suppliers and service providers, the opportunity to report breaches of compliance and legislation via a secure and web-based Whistleblowing System.

Our whistleblowing platform provides you with a secure space that is only accessible to you and an authorised person from the whistleblowing team. Here you can confidentially submit information to the pelzGROUP whistleblowing team. We respect your decision not to disclose your name. In such cases, you can set up a specially protected mailbox through which you can communicate with us. This communication is of great importance, as questions may arise in the course of processing that can only be clarified with your help and are crucial for further steps. To ensure the highest possible confidentiality and security, IP addresses and access to the Whistleblowing System are not traceable.

You can report all types of violations to us, especially those committed by employees within the pelzGROUP Group in connection with their professional activities or by which employees of the pelzGROUP are affected. In addition, we also accept reports of violations committed by suppliers in our supply chain and other business partners, including violations of human rights and environmental regulations.The pelzGROUP is actively committed to protecting whistleblowers and persons who cooperate in the investigation. Any pressure or discrimination towards whistleblowers or contributors will not be tolerated.

Our pelzGROUP whistleblower system is operated by an external service provider, EQS Group AG. This external partnership ensures a secure and encrypted reporting channel where only authorised persons have access to the reports received.

We thank you for your trust and cooperation in maintaining a corporate culture of integrity and ethics.

Protection. Fairness. Trust.
The pelzGROUP Whistleblower System

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