With Q-tips® cotton buds made of 100% cotton, you are on the safe side. They provide the most gentle and hygienic care for babies, children and adults – for generations!
The extra safety zone is always included, in our standard, travel, organic or baby varieties alike. For us, quality is always our top priority. That is also true of our extra thick, extra soft Q-tips® Cotton Pads, which are also made of 100% cotton.
High-quality and absolutely safe, the original since 1926.

For almost 100 years, the original cotton bud – not only for body care or make-up, but also as everyday helpers in the household.
Q-tips® Cotton Buds are cotton-wool soft, hygienic and have tips made of 100% cotton. All buds have a paper shaft derived from certified sustainable forestry and have been evaluated as “very good” by the independent Institut Dermatest GmbH! Whether as an attractive, decorative box, refill package or travel box – each one builds on the same foundation: “The Q stands for Quality!”
Naturally, you can also find the original in organic quality with tips made of 100% organic cotton and with GOTS certification.
For the perfect make-up experts recommend our cosmetic applicators with two different tip shapes.

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Big tips for our little ones: Q-tips® Baby Cotton Buds with an extra large safety buffer made of 100% cotton. Made of natural fibers and hygienically manufactured, they are the best cotton buds for a safe daily care of your child! Naturally pH neutral and evaluated as “very good” by the independent Institut Dermatest GmbH. The break-resistant and flexible paper comes from sustainable forestry from controlled forests.

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For very special and high demands: the fluffiest premium duo pads made of 100% cotton and vegan quality – without any animal testing as per the The Vegan Society guidelines. We create these special Q-tips® Duo Structure thanks to the processing of the cotton fibers with water jets into especially thick, soft non-woven cotton material.
The pads are extra gentle on the skin and yet effective in use.

Naturally, they have been evaluated as “very good” by the independent Institut Dermatest GmbH – Try them out. You’ll be impressed!

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